Own A Piece of The Plaza

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Own A Piece of The Plaza

If you haven’t stayed at the Legendary Plaza Hotel in New York City you’ve definitely wanted you. Originally built in 1907, The twenty story luxury hotel and condo extends along Central Park, and has hosted some of the most famous people in the world including Liza Minnelli, The Beatles, and Miles Davis.

This month jewelry designer Heather Morra will begin selling pieces of the Plaza, in the form of sparkly trinkets made of the Plaza itself.

Over the years the renowned hotel has changed hands many times; even belonging to the Trumps at one time, however it is now jointly owned by Sahara Group and Kingdom Holdings, a Saudi Arabia based corporation.

Throughout the changes in ownership, renovations and redecorating has taken place, stripping classic elements of the hotel in place of updated fixtures.

One of the most important elements replaced were the famous chandeliers that hung around the hotel. These gorgeous Baccarat-crystal chandeliers were an iconic piece of the Plaza, and are now becoming an accessible fashion accessory. 

With eight different designs, The Legacy Collection is an incredibly interesting and powerful line of jewelry. Morra has turned something only the rich and famous have gotten to experience, and dives it up into accessible fashion accessories for anyone.