Selecting The Right Light Fixture For Your Home

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Selecting The Right Light Fixture For Your Home

How do you know which is the right light fixture for you?

There are thousands of possible choices, and selecting the right piece can make or break the ambiance of a room. We’ve explored this question quite a bit, and have come up with a few things we think you should look out for when selecting your next light fixture.

1. The Size

The worst thing you would do to your beautiful space is throw up a light that is way too big or way too small. The size of a light of course includes the height, width and length of the fixture itself, but it also includes the amount of light it gives off.

If it’s a big chandelier you’re hanging in a large room you may think it’s a no brainer, but make sure the total wattage and colour temperature meets the needs of the space as well.


2. How High/Low it Hangs

Now that you know what size you need you can determine how it will hang, and how much space you need underneath.

When hanging a chandelier over a dining table you want to keep in mind that the bottom of the chandelier should be about 30 inches above the surface, and allow about 7 feet for anything hanging in a hallway or foyer.


3. The Finish

Bronze, Nickel, Cast Iron, Chrome or antique gold? Choosing the finish on your light fixture can seem overwhelming given how many choices there are on the market, however a simple investigation of what you already have in your home will easily direct you to the answer.

Simply examine the room you intend on updating with your new light fixture; Is it mostly warm or cool tones? If it’s warm you may want to stick with gold or rusted colours, if it’s mostly cool you can easily pair it with chrome or steel for a chic combination.


4. Function

This one seems simple enough, but the function of different lights can vary from room to room. For example; do you require direct, or indirect light? Do you want to create air flow? If the fixture is for a bedroom you may opt for an indirect light with a ceiling fan, as opposed to something for a dressing room which may require more of a spotlight effect.


5. Style

There are so many different styles of chandeliers and pendants that it can be easy to get lost in all the beautiful choices.

The easiest way to determine what you like is to look at what you already have. If your space is mostly traditional you can easily pair a baccarat crystal chandelier with your existing decor, however if you are using this purchase as a chance to update, you can make a serious statement by juxtaposing a traditional space with a modern chandelier.

Whatever light fixture you choose, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you love it! Pick what you love and you’ll enjoy it everyday.

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