Most Crucial Element of Design: Lighting

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Most Crucial Element of Design: Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of design, yet it often gets overlooked. The reason lighting is such a crucial component of interior design is because it is the one ingredient that affects all others. Although there are many technical aspects to lighting, they can be as simple to work with as a good can of paint!

Light is a wonderful means to creating an atmosphere in a room, as it is very versatile, and can have a huge impact. The effect of great lighting can mean the difference between dingy & delightful, as it creates depth and ambience.

Just like we use makeup to highlight our best facial features, good designers use lighting to highlight the best features of a room. Perhaps you have a recessed ceiling that deserves a little extra attention, or have artwork on one wall that you’d like to put in the spotlight. Highlighting special features such as these adds an extra level of style, and function to your home.

If your space has the room for it, a ceiling pendant or chandelier can have an enormous effect on the atmosphere.  Try a cascading crystal chandelier to add a gleaming brilliance, or perhaps a modern brass pendant light, to create a warm enticing aura.

Whatever your personal taste, great lighting is a vital facet of beautiful interiors.

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