Kitchen Need An Upgrade? Do It With Lights!

Kitchen Need An Upgrade? Do It With Lights!

Designing a kitchen is one of the best examples of having to walk the fine line between function and fashion. On one hand many people spend most of their time in or near their kitchen, so decor is very important as it surround so much of our daily life, however if the kitchen isn’t functional, then it’s about as useful as your old iphone charger.

A kitchen needs to be well laid out, and contain all necessary appliances, but beyond that it should be a place you enjoy spending time.

We already know you can add flare to any space by adding decor items. Dramatic textiles, statuettes, art, pictures, and candles are any designer or homeowner's go-to items for upgrading a space, however in a kitchen these elements can often get in the way, bringing us right back to the pesky function vs fashion issue.

The solution; lights!

Lights are an incredibly powerful decorative fixtures when it comes to kitchens, because they are out of the way and don’t take up any of that crucial counter space.

A chandelier over a dining area, or hanging pendants over an island will have an enormous effect on your kitchen, and will leave you with plenty of space for cooking!

Try mixing in some brass or copper if you have a mostly white, or monochromatic kitchen, or pair a rustic environment with a modern chandelier in steel or glass.

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