Trend Alert: Vintage Style, Edison Bulbs

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Trend Alert: Vintage Style, Edison Bulbs

In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb, and since then we’ve been dependent on these little beauties for every single thing we do.

Now, over 100 years later, current interior design is returning to it’s lighting roots, with Edison style bulbs becoming the hottest new trend.

The Edison bulbs, or antique style bulbs, have the brilliant copper look, and warm feel of the originals, but with modern upgrades such as tungsten instead of carbonized cotton for the filament.

The best way to really show off these funky bulbs is to use a clear glass shade, or exposed outlet so the filaments are visible.

Since these bulbs have such a naturally warm glow, pairing them with other copper elements will work well in almost any space, or you can create a variation by using them with cool tones, like grey and blue, to really make these captivating lightbulbs pop!

Edison bulbs coming to soon! Shop online for all sorts of beautiful pendants and chandeliers.