5 Reasons White Decor Will Never Go Out Of Style

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5 Reasons White Decor Will Never Go Out Of Style

1. It Goes With Everything

White & pink? Yes! White & grey? Absolutely! White & multicoloured tye dye? Of course! Need I say more?

2. It Makes Small Spaces Feel Large

If you live in the city you know how expensive rent can be, that’s why white is the favourite choice of most designers, as it creates a feeling of openness. If you have the freedom of space, or live in a rural area, white can be an elegant and refreshing shade to work with, especially if you have a lot of natural light.

3. It's Clean 

As Coco Chanel once said “It’s always better to be slightly underdressed”. Nothing is worse than over doing it, this is as true with decor as is it with fashion. Just like a crisp white blouse is the staple of a good wardrobe, white walls are the simplest way to keep it chic all year round. 



4. It's Still Dramatic 

You’ll think twice before calling white ‘boring’ after seeing these beautiful rooms. Pair white textiles and furniture with dark, walls like navy blue or forest green and watch the magic happen!


5. It's Everywhere

Falling in love with a colour that’s impossible to recreate or match can be heartbreaking. White is all over the place, which makes it super easy to find, and therefore use. Try mix and matching different textures to create multi dimension when working with white. White light fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers are a great way to tie other white pieces together.


(Pictured above: Fabrica, from the Moda collection on volt6)

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