3 Ways To Prepare For Your New Modern Light

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3 Ways To Prepare For Your New Modern Light

1. Clear the area

Fifty years ago it may have been hip to fill your home with tons of trinkets, like lamps, doilies, statuettes, and bowls of potpourri, but today’s style is all about modesty. In order to truly accentuate your new fixture start by doing a little tidying. Tuck any unnecessary visual pollution away, and keep it for another season! You don’t have to get rid of anything precious to you, but reducing the number of decor accessories, like photo frames, candle holders, books etc, will allow your new light to take your space from cluttered to current.  


2. Add updated textiles

Do you have a twenty year old couch, and a brand new modern pendant? No problem! You don’t have to replace every piece of furniture you have in the house just to make your new modern light fixture look amazing.

Having a couch or a chair re-upholstered can give an old piece of furniture new life, and keep it relevant and elegant for years to come. However, re-upholstering isn’t easy or cheap, so if it’s a quicker fix you’re looking for, updating the surrounding textiles &  accessories can also have a beautiful impact.

If you have a couch with a lot of colours in it try muting the room with a neutral throw blanket in the same colour palette. This could mean pairing that bright blue hand-me-down couch with a soft grey wool throw blanket, and a modern light. If you followed step 1. and cleared away visual pollution you should be able to enjoy your modern light in all it’s glory. Textiles with simple geometric patterns or monochromatic colour schemes are super trendy, and will modernize your space beautifully.



3. Frame/reframe your art

Art can be a magical addition to a room, it can cheer you up, make you think,  take you new places, or remind you of fond memories, but even The Starry Night would look tacky in the wrong frame. Traditional frames, like the ones in your grandma's house, are elegant, historic and completely wrong for your new modern space.  

When choosing new frames think clean lines, minimal frames, and lots of white space. If you have lots of art you want to follow these rules especially, since over saturating your walls with too much art in gaudy frames will completely overshadow your modern light fixture, however if you have one or two pieces you can opt for a more bold frame, perhaps in a colour such as red, or yellow.



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