How To Grow-Up Children's Lamps & Other Decor Items

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How To Grow-Up Children's Lamps & Other Decor Items

There aren’t too many things that can age as gracefully as furniture. It’s not like you can throw a coat of paint on your sons outgrown jammies, and transform them into a wearable jumpsuit for yourself. Luckily unlike fashion, decor ages well.

When you buy whimsical little items for the newest member of your family, you’re not really required to look to far into the future of those pieces, you get to enjoy them for what they are: for your kid, not for you.

Then the years go buy, and your little treasure has grown into a miniature person, who no longer wants a pink and white bunny rabbit lamp. That beautiful lamp that they treasured for so many years is now facing the goodwill box.

But here’s some good news for the beloved children’s decor items, you can give them new life when a simple coat of spray paint.

This works best with something with a sole figure, such as a plane, or a dinosaur, or a horse. Something that has an easily recognizable shape.

Now pick a colour of spray paint, and go nuts! Buy simply coating these items in an appropriate colour, you transform them from childish to chic!

Pick a natural or neutral colour to make sure the item doesn’t still come off too kiddie-like. Gold, Silver, Black, White & Copper are the best choices. Pick something that suits your space; have lots of warm wood and rich textiles? pick something metallic to give your space a shine, or if you have a modern space, or mostly white you may want to do a rust, copper, or vibrant colour such a yellow or blue, to warm the place up.

Just make sure to follow the spray paint instructions, do it in a well ventilated area, and let it dry!

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Happy Shopping.