How To Mix Modern Fixtures With Existing Decor

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How To Mix Modern Fixtures With Existing Decor

Just because you’ve treated yourself to a new modern light fixture, doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune upgrading, or replacing your existing furniture and decor.

Luckily for us all, contemporary style encourages mixing, and contrast, especially between old and new. A well placed modern element can have a profound effect on a space, especially one with vintage or rustic elements.

Last Friday night I had the opportunity to see an effective use of this juxtaposition while at a cozy concert venue in Toronto.

The venue was Revival, an intimate setting where I was seeing local band, The Spandettes. The music was definitely the highlight, but the event was elevated by the mesmerizing atmosphere.



The brick interior, and curved arches absolutely screams old Toronto, and the antique cast iron pendant lights reconfirm the vintage feeling of the room, but the venue added modern solo hanging Edison Bulbs, and white paper lightless lanterns to upgrade the space from traditional to eclectic.


With no renovation necessary, this dark & intimate space becomes a magical nighttime retreat with just a few lights. 



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