Design Trend: Industrial Lights

Design Trend: Industrial Lights

In an age consumed with digital content, it’s refreshing, almost therapeutic, to return to the tangible things that brought us to this current stage of technological advancement.

The industrial revolution was the beginning of the massive transformation that took place in the late 1700’s, during which the world began manufacturing in massive qualities.  Iron forging, and chemical compounds were the cutting edge of technology, and it was beginning to change the way the western world operated.

Now, 150 years later, the inventions of the industrial revolution still play major roles in our lives, both in regards to utility, and design.

Industrial style decor has made a notable return to modern design, with copper, iron, and steel being spotted in many new designs. The divergence from the sleek, clean modernism we are all used to creates a variation between the digital world we live in, and the industrial world of our grandparents.


These industrial lights & pendants are rough, but create warmth. They’re sort of foreign, but also familiar.

Industrial design can be seen in all sorts of fixtures and pieces, but the most compelling examples are always in lighting.


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