Big Ideas For Small Spaces

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Big Ideas For Small Spaces

If you live in a city you know the woes of living out of a small space all too well, and even in spacious rural areas you may still be confined to a limited area. If you're in need of some helpful tips specifically for decorating small spaces, we've got you covered: 

Use Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic and lucite furniture and lighting is like a small space magic trick, by helping to create the illusion of more space simply through it’s material. Acrylic can be extremely thin, yet very durable, and can even be made transparent for even more of a disappearing act.





Accent with white

It’s been said so many times it’s no longer news, but white is the ultimate shade for any small space, since it creates a feeling of openness and freedom. Painting a room white will automatically make the area feel larger, but if you’re not able to paint, or not a fan of white walls, you can either opt for a off-white shade, or accent coloured walls with white textiles and furniture. For example; if you have beige walls you may want to pair a white couch with white lights, and some variations of textured white textiles to create more space in a crowded area.





Choose reflective surfaces

Metallic and mirrored furniture is not only super trendy, but it’s also the perfect selection for anyone living with limited space.




Keep it clean

Reducing clutter will have a tremendous affect on your small space. By removing visual pollution you allow the empty, or unused, space to grow in size, making the whole room feel larger. Plus, it’s always nice to be tidy!




Shop online: for acrylic, metallic, and white chandeliers, pendants and lamps.


Happy shopping!