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Cool Midweek Fact: Did you know that, in light that is visible, the wavelength of red light is the longest? The light of red color can penetrate to a longer distance than other lights because it is scattered the least by air molecules in the atmosphere and therefore red can actually be seen from the farthest distance! Have a question about lights you would like us to answer?Visit our Contact Us page at:

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If you haven’t stayed at the Legendary Plaza Hotel in New York City you’ve definitely wanted you. Originally built in 1907, The twenty story luxury hotel and condo extends along Central Park, and has hosted some of the most famous people in the world including Liza Minnelli, The Beatles, and Miles Davis. This month jewelry designer Heather Morra will begin selling pieces of the Plaza, in the form of sparkly trinkets made of the Plaza itself. Over the years the renowned hotel has changed hands many times; even belonging to the Trumps at one time, however it is now jointly...

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