About us

LED: Leading Edge Design

When it comes to LED lighting, Volt6 inc. shines the brightest. Our LED solutions are easy to install and adds a modern and simple touch to your space. We are a Toronto based company that strives for our products to be manufactured to perfection and are designed to look as great as they work.

Everyone knows that LEDs are an efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting form of solid state lighting. They’re ideal for an array of applications including industrial, commercial and residential homes for indoor and outdoor use. In fact, LEDs are so superior to traditional light sources that their popularity has soared over the years. So the question isn’t “Should I choose LED?’ The question is “Who offers the right LED lighting solutions for me?”


Volt6 in the Spotlight

In our view, function and price do not equate to total value. Other factors to consider are your LED supplier’s consistent reliability, proven track record, constant availability of inventory, wide breadth of product, just-in-time delivery, list of satisfied clients and the most responsive customer service in the business. So yes, you can order LED products from any supplier. But with Volt6 inc. you can order LED products with confidence.